52 Week Song Challenge | Week One: Bluefaces

I’ve been making music for a while now, over ten years at least. Given the circumstances I’ve been able to accomplish a lot in that time frame, but not enough. Musically things were becoming stale for me, I was getting bored, and seriously considering giving up. So after some soul searching and contemplation I decided to combat the feeling by challenging myself to create and release an original song every week for the next 52 weeks. I know many artists who have faced this same dilemma and challenged themselves to similar tasks. Well now it’s my turn.

It’s going to be a hell of a ride, and it’s only the beginning, but I’m sticking to my guns and excited to take this journey. Give or take a feature here and there, and a possible jacking for beats on occasion, the music I release will be 100% original and produced, written, performed, recorded, and mixed solely by myself alone, all the way down to the cover art design. At the end I hope to gain a better understanding of my craft, grow my catalog, make some cool content, all while having fun in the process. This is a major sacrifice for anyone who attempts it, but what I stand to gain is more than worth the effort.

The first week’s song “Bluefaces” is complete and scheduled for release to major online platforms on December 14th. You can listen now for free on SoundCloud. I will be posting updates here on my site as well as through my Instagram stories. To those who are already supporting and have been waiting on me to release more music, well here we go. To those just joining us, please tune in and join me on this journey, I appreciate your support! #HereWeGO

Listen to “Bluefaces”