Activist, Comedian, & Critic Dick Gregory Dies at 84

Today I mourn the loss of a #Legend. Being that Dick Gregory and I share the same high school alma mater, walked the same Saint Louis streets as youth, and know many of the same familiar faces around the neighborhood, this loss seems more personal. Some may think that I lack humility in saying this, but it’s true.

The Ville neighborhood in Saint Louis taught me much about life outside of Saint Louis, and fostered an attitude that I carry with me today, and I’m almost positive Mr. Gregory would relate to this statement. I only learned later in life that one of his nephews lived on the same block that I conceived my son, and later developed a relationship with him as well. Mine is just one of many stories of those who knew, or shared some personal connection with the #Legendary figure.

His influence reached far beyond the one way streets of North Saint Louis, and grew over the years to reach around the globe. The work he did for the community, his one-of-a-kind personality and attitude will long outlive him as we remember his legacy. Mr. Gregory was hospitalized last week with a bacterial infection and later died in a Washington D.C. hospital of heart failure. He was 84 years old.

Take some of your time and remember a few gems he left behind in some of these clips. Rest easy soldier.

Dick Gregory on Police Brutality – 1965:

Dick Gregory on Michael Jackson & Tupac:

Dick Gregory on Donald Trump: