Will.I.Am & Pharrell Fued

Sounds a little petty and egotistical to me, but apparently Will.I.Am is in the process of suing Pharrell over the use of two extremely common words???

Zaytoven Speaks on Making Moves Outside of Music

Zaytoven has always been a producer who brings the unexpected. First he gave us a R&B twist on his signature sound, producing “Papers” for Usher back in 2009. Now he’s crossed over from the production lane onto the big screen, starring in the drama film, Birds of a Feather.

Picture Perfect[free download]

           We’ve all done it before. You take that perfect picture, get ready to post it to (insert social media site name here) and the site’s default settings automatically crop the picture to a certain size, taking away the most important part of your self shot/designed masterpiece. Annoying as hell right? I feel your pain, but …

The Fame Game (Khori Lamar Interview)

 First and foremost, anyone with the cojones to sample Tupac better know what they’re doing. Have you ever met someone and noticed that they have that certain star quality about them? It’s really a black and white difference, no grey area, either you got it or you don’t. There’s a level of polite professionalism when dealing with an artist who …

Oh, The Horror

          You ever see the typical scary movie scene featuring  “teens lost in the woods?” You know the one where they desperately need to get out of the woods, and spend hours upon hours trying to find mainstream society only to realize they’ve been going in circles the whole time? Well that’s what I’m generally reminded …