BOO51E Gang Gotti – Real Life Pt. 2|Here Come The Underdogs

STL heating up, the real have no choice but to rise to the top. I hear alotta rappers speaking on murder, violence, and other elements of the street life. But rarely do I hear rappers spitting both sides of the story. If you not mentioning the pain that comes with the street life, me personally gotta start questioning if you really lived it. In this case you can hear the pain in the bars, the losses, the reality of the life that exists for many. People don’t want to hear a bunch of bullshit. And this is the furthest thing from it. Take a listen to new artist BOO51E Gang Gotti with, Real Life Pt. 2 at the link below. #KingHendrixx #HereComeTheUnderdogs

[youtube value=”dW7rCtvQE1I” width=570 height=365 ]