Lil Wayne Now Owns Young Money

After a lengthy battle with his home label Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne’s story has entered a new chapter. He battled the label in court after claiming he was owed royalties from his last Carter release. The legal battle has been settled for an undisclosed amount, but sources close to Wayne say the dollar amount was upwards of $10,000,000. Also …

Mac Miller Dies at 26

I was just reading an article about Mac Miller yesterday (Sept. 6th), he was talking about his new music and how he deals with the pressure, how the music is being received, and his focus going forward. Sadly Mac Miller’s life came to an end today. His ex Aria a Grande is mentioned as saying his substance abuse being the …

Kodak Throws a Jab At Future on Song With Lil Wayne

Ok, so remember last year when Future dropped “Coming Out Strong” and there was some controversy over a few suspect lines. The lyrics says “The only time I feel alive is when I ‘taste stick’,” But it sounds like he says ‘taste dick’. Kodak apparently got wind of the lyrics, and as a bro would do decided to address Future …

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Kanye Apology Tweets to Drake
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Kanye Apologizes to Drake on Twitter

Right before summer hit things got seriously messy between OVO leader Drake and GOOD Music front man Kanye West. But a few hours ago (Sept. 5th), Kanye does his best to publicly apologize to Drake, and seems to hope to mend the relationship, although Yeezy is no stranger to publicity stunts. The tension stems from speculation that Kanye is the …

Kamikaze Eminem cover art

Eminem Drops Surprise New Album Kamikaze and It’s Crazy Good

After a very lukewarm 2017 after the highly criticized release of ‘Revival’, rap powerhouse Eminem drops ‘Kamikaze’, a surprise album. In today’s single oriented music industry it’s very rare to listen to a new release straight through without skipping at least one or two tracks due to boredom. Eminem’s unexpected new release Kamikaze doesn’t leave fans with that problem. While …

BOO51E Gang Gotti – Real Life Pt. 2|Here Come The Underdogs

STL heating up, the real have no choice but to rise to the top. I hear alotta rappers speaking on murder, violence, and other elements of the street life. But rarely do I hear rappers spitting both sides of the story. If you not mentioning the pain that comes with the street life, me personally gotta start questioning if you …

Randy Savage – Respect The Shooter|Here Come The Underdogs

Got the 2016 effort from STL artist Randy Savage, “Respect The Shooter”. Got plenty more to come from the artist as he gears up for his upcoming project. The visual shot by Cre8tive Juice plays it safe, but definitely gets the point across and is a solid effort and sign of thing to come. #HereComeTheUnderdogs Check out ‘Respect The Shooter’ …