First Electronic Release: Eres Mi Droga (Instrumental)

I’ve always admired the work of EDM producers. The time and patience it takes to create such intricate and complex pieces of music always left me stunned. And not to mention the history of EDM and the way it has progressed and evolved into what it is today. Along with my love for hip hop, a super secret musical pleasure of mine is drum & bass, more specifically a sub genre called ‘brain dance’. I’m not very deep in the culture, but thanks to a family member I fell in love with the work of two artists in particular, Squarepusher & Aphex Twin. This track is no where near as intense as some of their work, but it represents the proud start of a journey into expanding the things I create and release to the world. The track was named by a special Spanish speaking friend of mine, you know who you are. So please enjoy my first ever EDM release, ‘Eres Mi Droga’ (You are my high).