Kanye Tweets Watch the Throne 2 is Coming

After a few years apart, is the dynic duo making a comeback. A Kanye West tweet can be newsworthy in itself. But when the tweet involves talks of a second installment of a Kanye and Jay Z project, eyes and ears are definitely listening, waiting, and watching. Hov and Ye’s business and personal relationships came to a halt two years ago, when Kanye went on a lengthy rant on stage during one of his Life of Pablo tour dates. Since then Jay and Kanye’s relationship has been non-existent to the public. But as of today the two appear to be back in G.O.O.D. standing with each other, and back in the studio together Kanye takes to Twitter to reveal a long awaited Watch The Throne 2 project is coming soon. Adam Wolpert, an engineer on  the project also cosigns Kanye’s tweet as factual. If this rumor holds up to be true, fans could be on for something special very soon. Read the tweets below: