Kodak Throws a Jab At Future on Song With Lil Wayne

Ok, so remember last year when Future dropped “Coming Out Strong” and there was some controversy over a few suspect lines. The lyrics says “The only time I feel alive is when I ‘taste stick’,” But it sounds like he says ‘taste dick’. Kodak apparently got wind of the lyrics, and as a bro would do decided to address Future and clear up what was said on the song. Future clears things up by saying the correct lyric is a reference to taking narcotics. It sounds like Kodak throws a jab at future on “Codeine Dreams” with Lil Wayne.

At one point Kodak stated that he would fight Lil Wayne, even though he has also stated that Wayne is the reason he started making music. Kodak also is quoted as wanting Future to jump on a song with him and Wayne. Well it seems the tables have turned as Kodak’s song “Codeine Dreams” features Lil Wayne, and is definitely a banger. But there is an interesting line in Kodak’s last verse that seems to be a jab at Future. The line says: “I’m in my orange space shuttle flyin’ two seats, I left Future in Pluto ‘ cause that boy was to geeked.” Seeing that Future’s popular album is Pluto, it sounds like a direct shot has been fired in Future’s direction.

Listen to “Codeine Dreams” below and let’s hear your comments: