Did Lil Wayne Change His Name & Release New Music?

If you are a fan of rap, and have been for at least the past 10 years, then by now you know the situation between rapper Lil Wayne and his longtime label Cash Money. If not real quick for the newbies or under informed folks. Weezy aka Tunechi has been engulfed in a legal battle between himself and Cash Money for the past 2-3 years minimum. Wayne is suing for unpaid royalties over the course of his decade long run in the rap game. If there was no Lil Wayne, it’s safe to say there would be no Drake or Nicki Minaj, two powerhouse artists in today’s industry. Sadly enough label front man, Bryan “Birdman” Williams is living up to his reputation of not paying up, a known issue with every former Hot Boy and Cash Money’s in-house producer Manny Fresh. For the past two years or so fans have been awaiting the release of the fifth installment of Wayne’s ‘Carter’ album series which has been on hold due to the legal issues on both ends. As a result of the contract Wayne is in, there has been a lack of material from the legendary rapper other than a few features and mixtapes here and there.

Just the other day I was talking to someone in the industry and we came up with the idea and wondered if Wayne could possibly release new music as long as he didn’t use the name Lil Wayne. Well it seems that is the case. I was listening to Spotify today and a song by an artist named The Real Tune came across my playlist. The song is called ‘Cross Me’ and a link is at the end of this write up. The track features a hook from Future where he repeats the phrase, “I should have known” , as in Wayne should have known he couldn’t trust Birdman. The verses are handled by the mystery artist The Real Tune, who undoubtedly sounds just like Tunechi aka Cartune, bka Lil Wayne. The song also features Yo Gotti, who at one point had a contract with Cash Money Records before reportedly buying himself out of that contract sometime around 2007-08. Is The Real Tune actually Lil Wayne? You be the judge.