Lil Wayne Now Owns Young Money

After a lengthy battle with his home label Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne’s story has entered a new chapter. He battled the label in court after claiming he was owed royalties from his last Carter release. The legal battle has been settled for an undisclosed amount, but sources close to Wayne say the dollar amount was upwards of $10,000,000. Also included was Wayne now controlling and solely owning his Young Money imprint, who will maintain the deal they have in place with Republic records.

That means that hungry fans will be able to satisfy their craving for a new Lil Wayne project, as the Carter V will be released finally. Followers of the Cash Money & Lil Wayne saga will remember an “accident” when Wayne was 12 years old, where he allegedly shot himself in the chest. One of the tracks on the upcoming album will tell the real story, where Lil Wayne goes into detail about trying to take his own life when his mother told him he couldn’t rap anymore.

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