New Music

Well, well, well. I know it’s been way too long since I’ve gave you any good news, but I had to take a minute and get it together. I promise it’s worth the wait, I’ve took this time to get more serious about my craft and learn the ins and outs of what I do naturally.

I’ve been on a relentless path of learning something new everyday in the world of music theory, production and arrangement, mixing, and so forth. And I must say since I released ‘Forget Me’, I’ve learned so much valuable information, but I still have more to go.

But in the meantime enjoy the fruits of my labor in the form of three new songs, and my first solo video ever, (it’s a lil bootleg, but work with me huh?) I’ve got a ton of new music coming soon, so tune in and see what’s up next. Follow me on IG @behendrixx¬†for chances to be apart of some cool contests and giveaways and talk to you soon. Peace.