Tef Poe, The Knuckles Bring STL to LA

Living in LA it’s not often I get to enjoy the staples of home. Gone are the days of ordering Imo’s pizza, or a box of fried rice on a Tuesday night. Riding down highway 70 was second nature, now it’s something I only do once a year if lucky. So when you see a social media post that Tef Poe & The Knuckles (Rockwell & Aloha) are performing on the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles, you put your big boy pants on and find a way to attend.

If you’re from Saint Louis you and frequent the local hip hop scene, you’re no stranger to the energy that encompasses one of these stage shows. Tef and The Knuckles keep that same energy, even when 3,000 miles away from the home base.

The venue was a cozy spot in DTLA called The Virgil, if you blink twice you’d miss it. Nonetheless, the night brought out anywhere from 150-200 people, all eager for a great show. The two combined powerhouses have an extensive catalog, so putting together a great show is never an issue. The Knuckles was up first, immediately commanding attention from the crowd with their not so average image, and performance to match. Tef was up right after and picked up right where they left off, fresh off the high of his recent deal with the legendary Tommy Boy Records. You can tell a seasoned artist from a rookie a mile away, and last night I saw three seasoned artists deliver a stellar performance. Check out links to their music below: