When MGK Responds, Where Will He Go?

The last month in hip hop has been a roller coaster of events. From Eminem’s surprise album ‘Kamikaze‘ to the death of Mac Miller, to Cardi & Nicki’s Met Gala confrontation, alot of things are shaping the culture going forward. But the hot topic is obviously Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly’s rap beef finally brewing over from Twitter to tracks. As you know by now it all started with a tweet from MGK about Em’s then 16 year old daughter, Haley, being called “Hot as fuck…”, to which any father would be rightfully protective about. Eminem addressed the 2012 tweet on his track, mentioning MGK and a heap of other rappers. MGK quickly took action and fired back with his track ‘Rap Devil’, earning some props for responding to the rap giant, Eminem. While the world waited for a reply, Eminem casually handled two interviews, and allowed three weeks to go by before releasing the much more lyrical packed ‘KillShot‘.  After Eminem’s seasoned response the ball is now in MGK’s court, and must be treated cautiously. Any wrong move could spell the end of MGK’s rather minute existence. Is there anywhere to go from here? What can really be said at this point towards Eminem that can actually secure any traction in an already uphill battle for MGK? Only time will tell.

Listen to both diss tracks below: